Streamlining and Developing Your Business

The core of our business is to help our customers and partners to streamline and develop their operations. We take a holistic view to business development but our focus is on project management, management consulting, and IT system design.

Project Management

By letting us manage your project, your personnel can concentrate on the technical work. We can bring into the project technical expertise on mobile and desktop systems. You are also invited to take advantage of our long experience in managing publicly funded projects.

Management consulting

Our management consulting is focused on finding the correct technological solutions for the customer. It is important that the various parts of the business support each other and form a coherent whole. By identifying the relationships between the parts, ways of working can be found that streamline the operations. In practice, we can help in selecting information technology to support the core business, get you started with research and development in public-private partnerships, identify and protect your innovations, and explore the possibilities of personnel incentive schemes.

System Design

In system design, we begin by mapping out the customer needs and subsequently evaluating them for relative importance. Based on this information, we can start defining the system and evaluate the availability of existing technical solutions. The system should complement the existing business, add value, and integrate easily to the company processes. Our specialty is offering customized solutions that combine mobile and cloud-based technologies in addition to attractive graphical design.

Patenting services

We would be happy to help you to get from an idea to a patent application. We will help you identify good ideas for patenting and assess the patenting possibilities.