Our products

We will find real and unique solutions to the problems in your company. Although our approach typically includes parts customized to your needs, we also offer off-the-shelf cloud services for most common tasks.

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InfraSmart is a marketplace where infrastructure service providers meet their customers. Infrastructure professionals can improve their visibility among potential customer and expand the customer base. InfraSmart will grow into a coprehensive set of tools supporting infrasructure builders throughout their workflow. InfraSmart parts will cover preparing quotations, work planning, day-to-day project management, plan execution, reporting, and billing. Having real information from the operations of your company builds the basis for continuous improvement.

Ordering service

"NTilaus" visualizes address based work items (e.g. work orders) on a map. Typically the work item inputs come directly from the customes and the customer interactions will build a customer database. The customers can follow the progress of the work from start to finish. Possible use cases include: receiving work orders, work follow-up, and billing support. "NTilaus" helps you not to forget the billing and can provide better account on what actually was delivered.

Sales support

"NMyynti" combines an electronic product catalog with an ERP. Your sales personnel can exhibit the products, take an order, and transfer that order to an ERP system that takes care of billing and stock values. This is a unique way to differentiate your sales force.

Route planning

"NReitti" allows you to plan your mobile work on a map. You can define your work area by selecting locations, roads, or areas. Example use cases include: planning routes for employees and vehicles, disseminating information, delivery routes, and maintenance routes.